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Gold Vip Club Casino

gold vip club casino

  • A public room or building where gambling games are played

  • a card game in which cards face up on the table are taken with eligible cards in the hand

  • A casino is a facility that houses and accommodates certain types of gambling activities. Casinos are most commonly built near or combined with hotels, restaurants, retail shopping, cruise ships and other tourist attractions.

  • a public building for gambling and entertainment

  • An alloy of this

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  • coins made of gold

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  • One of the four suits in a conventional pack of playing cards, denoted by a black trefoil

  • A card of such a suit

  • baseball club: a team of professional baseball players who play and travel together; "each club played six home games with teams in its own division"

  • Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (or peptide), a substance that acts as a neurotransmitter, esp. in the brain and gastrointestinal tract

  • V.I.P is a 1997 Indian Tamil language film starring Prabhu Deva Sundaram, Abbas, Simran Bagga, Rambha and Manivannan. Ranjit Barot composed the music.This film was an average grosser at the box office but gave a life to Simran and Abbas.

  • very important person: an important or influential (and often overbearing) person

  • Very Important Party (VIP) was an annual demo party held from 1999 to 2002 in Saint-Priest, near Lyon (France). It was organized by PoPsY TeAm, a French demogroup from Lyon area.

gold vip club casino - VIP -

VIP - The Complete First Season

VIP - The Complete First Season

A campy syndicated series about Vallery Irons, a girl working at a hot-dog stand who accidentally saves a celebrity and is mistaken for a bodyguard. She and a team of beautiful bodyguards form a bodyguard agency called V.I.P. which stands for Vallery Irons Protection.
When Vallery Irons first comes to California, she has no idea that her big break will come from a date with a famous action star. While attending a Hollywood premiere, a crazed fan pulls a gun - but her movie hunk turns into a coward, and it's Vallery who becomes the hero. Suddenly, she's thrown into a world of action and danger as owner of a Hollywood protection agency (V.I.P. or Vallery Irons Protection), taking the risks to protect others at a price few are willing to pay.

Sometimes it's OK to judge a book by it's cover, particularly if you're talking about Pamela Anderson and her super-schmaltzy series VIP. Forget Stacked, the cartoonish, glammed up, and sadly short-lived VIP was the perfect vehicle for Pamela Anderson, allowing Pam to do what Pam does best. The premise is painfully simple. Colt Arrow Security, a leader in the celebrity protection business, is having managerial issues. Its top guards Tasha, Nikki, and Quick (played by Molly Culver, Natalie Raitano, and Shaun Baker) decide to buy it out. The problem is, the ex-owner ran off with everything, leaving them high and dry. In a simple twist of fate, L.A. newcomer Vallery Irons (Pam), on her first celebrity date, protects her escort from a shooter on the Red Carpet by knocking the gun out of his hand with her purse. The incident gets a lot of press, accidentally identifying Val as the hottest new celebrity bodyguard in L.A.. In an attempt to save their company and drum up some business, the Colt Arrow guards approach Vallery for assistance. Knowing she is a fake, they ask her to join their team as their figurehead, changing the agency name to VIP (that's Vallery Irons Protection - V.I.P., get it?). Though VIP is about as low-brow you can get, and extremely high on the cheese factor, it is incredibly fun and succeeds as topnotch, mindless entertainment. If watching half dressed, super buff villains, celebrity bodyguards and real guest celebrities chase each other down the beaches of Los Angeles riding Quads and zipping around in cigarette boats with Uzis blasting is your idea of entertainment, look no further. Part Baywatch, part A-Team, and part Barb Wire, VIP may just be the best show you never knew existed. --Rob Bracco

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Casino de Vic

Casino de Vic

Casino de Vic es una entitat recreativa cultural catalana fundada a Vic l'1 d'abril de 1848, amb taranna apolitic. Se'l considera el segon casino mes antic de Catalunya. El primer local era situat al carrer Sant Miquel Arcangel, on mes tard es va edificar el Col·legi de St. Josep i actualment hi ha el Museu Episcopal. El primer president del Casino de Vic fou Domenec de Bertran i de Puig, liberal que va ser el director d'El Pueblo Vicense i fundador i president del Circol Literari de Vic. El 1849 va traslladar la seu al carrer de Sant Miquel dels Sants.
Cap el 1864 es va fusionar amb el Circol Filharmonic i el 1899 va traslladar la seu a la modernista Casa Comella situada al costat de la Placa del Mercadal. El 1906 es va construir l'escenari de la Sala Modernista de l'Entitat per a representar obres de teatre. El 1933 es va fusionar amb el Centre Industrial Vicense, de manera que passa de 160 a 400 socis, catalanitzant el nom de l'entitat a Casino de Vic. Quan esclata la guerra civil espanyola el 1936 el local fou incautat per la CNT-FAI.
Despres de la dictadura franquista l'entitat ha deixat de una societat privada, reservada a una minoria, i ha obert les portes a tots els ciutadans i a tota mena de manifestacions culturals. El 1998 el president Andreu Roca i Isern ha celebrat els 150 anys de l'entitat i la Biennal d'Art de Vic. El 2002 hi va incorporar el Club Escacs de Vic. L'actual president es Enric Comas i Mora. El 2009 ha rebut la Creu de Sant Jordi.

Casino de Vic es una entidad recreativa cultural catalana fundada en Vic el 1 de abril de 1848, con talante apolitico. Se le considera el segundo casino mas antiguo de Cataluna. El primer local estaba situado en la calle San Miguel Arcangel, donde mas tarde se edifico el Colegio de St.. Jose y actualmente esta el Museo Episcopal. El primer presidente del Casino de Vic fue Domingo de Bertran y de Puig, liberal que fue el director de El Pueblo Vicense y fundador y presidente del Circulo Literario de Vic. En 1849 traslado la sede en la calle de San Miguel de los Santos.
Hacia 1864 se fusiono con el Circulo Filarmonico y en 1899 traslado su sede en la modernista Casa Comella situada junto a la Plaza del Mercadal. En 1906 se construyo el escenario de la Sala Modernista de la Entidad para representar obras de teatro. En 1933 se fusiono con el Centro Industrial Vicense, de modo que paso de 160 a 400 socios, catalanizar el nombre de la entidad a Casino de Vic. Cuando estallo la guerra civil espanola en 1936 el local fue incautado por la CNT-FAI.
Tras la dictadura franquista la entidad ha dejado de una sociedad privada, reservada a una minoria, y ha abierto las puertas a todos los ciudadanos ya todo tipo de manifestaciones culturales. En 1998 el presidente Andres Roca y Isern ha celebrado los 150 anos de la entidad y la Bienal de Arte de Vic. En 2002 se incorporo el Club Ajedrez de Vic. El actual presidente es Enrique Comas y Mora. En 2009 ha recibido la Creu de Sant Jordi.

casino royale band

casino royale band

Casino Royale@ Bari Fiera del Levante

gold vip club casino

gold vip club casino

Stacked - The Complete Series

You can't judge a bookstore by its covergirl, especially when she happens to be Pamela Anderson! Anderson stars as drop-dead sexy Skyler Dayton, a reformed party girl in need of a lifestyle makeover, who takes a job at a family-run bookstore called "Stacked Books." Determined to prove she has ample talent beyond her ample talents, Skyler dazzles the employees and customers with her sweet-natured charm and refreshing honesty. This hip, hilarious comedy also features guest appearances by super-hotties Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy and includes 5 unaired episodes that can finally be revealed. You'll bust out laughing!

Though its run on Fox was about as short as some of the skirts Pamela Anderson wears on this show (14 broadcast episodes, five more unaired--all included in this three disc set), Stacked does have more to offer than Pam's pulchritude, starting with its novel concept. Anderson stars as Skyler, a party girl reeling from a busted relationship, who enters the Stacked bookstore for a self-help book. The store is run by two brothers whose dynamic is akin to Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen's in Two and a Half Men. Gavin (Elon Gold) is divorced, a failed novelist, uptight, and a hypochondriac. Stuart (Brian Scolaro) is more of a joker. And by the end of the pilot episode, Skyler, eagerly championed by the gawking Stuart, has herself a job in the store. In the now infamous Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson, comedian Nick DiPaolo joked, ''If I was a baby seal and I had a choice between being clubbed to death or watching an episode of Stacked, I'd be like, 'Somebody call J.Lo and let her know her mittens are ready." Now that's a little harsh. Many of the jokes are actually witty when they're not obsessing over Anderson's Maxim-ized body (it takes four episodes before the inevitable "Nice rack" double entendre).
While Anderson will never be mistaken for Judy Holliday, it is wise, as Skyler states, not to underestimate her. Perhaps as a result of being the butt of so many punchlines, she has developed sexy and savvy comic gifts. Her Skyler is not your conventional "dumb blonde." In the episode, "Beat the Candidate," she cleverly turns the tables on a pompous rival for her job (guest star Tony Hale from Arrested Development). Providing inestimable support is Christopher Lloyd (Taxi) as Harold, a curmudgeonly bookstore regular and brilliant scientific mind. His reaction to a Garfield cartoon in "Romancing the Stones" is a mini master class. Marissa Jaret Winokur (the Tony-winning star of Hairspray) holds her own as the hapless, wisecracking co-worker Katrina, who puts a nice Carla Tortelli spin on such lines as, "When I want to hear from you, I'll hold a seance." So we'll never know if Gavin and Skyler ever hook up ("Romancing the Stones" hints at that direction). Like we care. This is a surprisingly enjoyable Pam-athon you don't have to be an Anderson-worshiping Borat to enjoy. --Donald Liebenson

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